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A community for people in serious relationships.
Welcome to Beloved, a community for people who are in serious relationships. In this community you can dote, share your stories and experiences, ask advice, participate in community contests, and just about anything else concerning you and your significant other.

- When you join, please fill out and post the survey that you will find here. It's an introduction survey so we can get to know more about you and your significant other. Please put your & your significant other's name in the subject line, and the survey behind a cut.

- Be active. Whether it's by participating in activities, posting your own thing, responding to other's posts, it doesn't matter, just be active.

- This is a mature community, and the topic of sex is allowed, but any sort of sexual content must be put behind a lj-cut, with a warning.

- ANY kind of couple is welcome to join (straight, homosexual, interracial, age gap, etc.), and will be treated with respect. If you have a problem with someone whose relationship is not the same as yours, keep it to yourself. Discrimination will NOT be tolerated.

- Pictures must be put behind a cut as well.

- This is a community for serious relationships, meaning couples that will or are likely to last. If you have a different boyfriend every month, don't bother joining.

- You may promote in this community but it MUST be related to love or relationships or something of the sort. In other words, don't promote a community about video games or some off the wall topic that has no similarities to this community and its interests.

- When you post your survey, put "Angels & Panda Bears" in the lj-cut title to show that you have read the rules. You will be subject to being prohibited to post if I see that you haven't read the rules yet, and when you prove that you have you will be allowed to post again.


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